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Company Culture

Our Customers come first
When customers come to our stores, they look for fun and exciting products. We believe that our store experience should be enjoying as well. We create a customer-friendly atmosphere with our low prices, wide selection, and knowledgeable employees. 
Empower our employees
At GAMESPlus we have a work hard, play hard mentality. Our management and sales associates are deeply involved in both our day-to-day operations and long-term goals. We make sure that our sales associates are educated about the movies, video games, and consoles so that they can provide knowledgeable insight and suggestions to our customers. 
Maintain a competitive mindset
Like the electronic goods we sell, the entertainment retail industry is constantly changing. We look for individuals with a competitive mindset who set high standards and expect to surpass them. With this mindset, our company continues to improve, expand and meet the demands of our rapidly evolving industry. 
Have fun
Humor and fun are essential to our work environment. They spur creativity and a friendly, inviting atmosphere. We sell games and movies!! How can’t we have fun?